Vehicle repeater – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

Page 91

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Original GreenStar Display—RTK



Vehicle Repeater



Press: SETUP button >> StarFire iTC >> Differential
Correction Setup (D) >> RTK Setup (A)

Toggle (A) button next to RTK Operating Mode until
“VEHICLE REPEATER” appears in the cell.

In this mode the RTK vehicle radio not only receives
messages but also rebroadcasts them (similar to a
RTK repeater) to other RTK vehicles in close

NOTE: Vehicle Repeater is identical to the Vehicle

mode with the addition of having the radio
rebroadcast the RTK messages.

The Vehicle Repeater mode allows an RTK vehicle to
function normally as an RTK vehicle while also

transmitting the base correction signal to another RTK
vehicle that does not have line-of-sight to the base

The ‘Vehicle Repeater’ needs to be between the base
station and the ‘Vehicle’. The ‘Vehicle Repeater’ must
be able to communicate with the base station. The
‘Vehicle’ must then have either line of sight
communication to the base station or ‘Vehicle

IMPORTANT: There should be only ONE Vehicle

Repeater or Repeater in the same
vicinity with the same Network ID.