Rtk base station setup, Country use restrictions, Section 35 – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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RTK Base Station Setup



Country Use Restrictions

The John Deere SF 869 MHz RTK Radio Modem is
designed to operate on frequency ranges, the exact
use of which differs from one region and/or country to
another. The user of the radio modem must take care
that the said device is not operated without permission
of the local authorities on frequencies other than those
specifically reserved and intended for use without a
specific permit. The John Deere SF 869 MHz RTK
Radio Modem is designed to operate in the following
countries listed below on the license free frequency
band of 869.400 – 869.650 MHz (not incorporating the
band 869.300 – 869.400 MHz) according to
recommendation CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03. This
recommendation has been drawn up by the European
Radio communications Committee (ERC) under CEPT.

NOTE: The CEPT regulates effectively radiated power

output (ERP) from the radio at 27 dBm (=500
mW). The usage of an antenna other then the
one supplied might lead to violation of the
above license free regulation.


• Austria, AT

• Belgium, BE

• Czech Republic, CZ

• Estonia, EE

• Finland, FI

• France, FR

• Germany, DE

• Hungary, HU

• Iceland, IS

• Ireland, IE

• Luxembourg, LU

• Malta, MT

• Netherlands, NL

• Norway, NO

• Portugal, PT

• Slovakia, SK

• Slovenia, SI

• Spain, ES

• Sweden, SE

• Switzerland, CH

• United Kingdom, GB

IMPORTANT: Please contact your local radio

authorities for country specific
regulations and licensing

NOTE: Codes of the countries follow the ISO 3166-1

Alpha-2 standard

For Portugal, Italy and Lithuania a licence is

For Lithuania, the power is limited to 5 mW.

For Poland the frequencies are not allowed.