John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

Page 56

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GS2 Display—RTK



Delete Rover button (D) allows operator to remove a
receiver from the Access List.

Delete List button (E) allows operator to clear all
inputted receiver serial numbers from the Access List.

SBS Security can be operated in a Public or Secure

• Public – This mode does not restrict RTK vehicles

from receiving RTK corrections as long as they have

the same Network ID and Frequency as the base
station. This mode can be used when conducting a
RTK demo for potential customers or field days.

• Secure – This mode restricts RTK vehicles from

receiving RTK corrections if their serial numbers are
not entered into the RAL

Network Status (F) can be toggle between secure
status (H) and public status (I) using button (G).





Edit Rover Access List — Page 1

A—Rover Number (1-99)

Edit Rover Access List

1. Press Access List button on StarFire iTC - Shared

Base Station Security screen.

2. Enter a rover number from the Rover Access List in

the entry box.

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