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Original GreenStar Display—RTK



INFO Pages, Vehicle





Absolute Survey

A—RTK Base Station Data


E—Signal Level

G—Software Version



Data Received

Serial Number

B—Satellite Corrections

D—Base Battery

F—Radio Connection

Location Number

Radio Data

Screen: INFO - GPS - PAGE 5

This screen allows operator to view:


– OK - Base Station is transmitting correction.
– No Stored Base - 24 hour self survey is required

for current location.

– Initializing - Receiver is initializing radio, acquiring

GPS signal.

– Self Survey - 24 hour self survey in progress at

base station.

– No Signal - Vehicle radio is not receiving signal

from base station.

Sat Corrections - Indicates number of GPS

satellites for which base station is transmitting

Distance - Distance from base station to vehicle


Direction - Direction in degrees to base station.

Base Battery (volts) - Base Station voltage.

Signal Level - Level of signal that is detected at

radio. The signal level will range from 0 to 100 (-118

dBm to -55 dBm. Values greater than -55 dBm are
reported as 100.). Press E button to refresh signal

NOTE: For Data Received (%): Value less than 100 %

indicates an obstruction between base station
radio and vehicle radio.

If percent of received correction is 0, and
signal level is high, check for potential radio
interference sources such as two-way radios,
radio towers, etc.

If percent of received correction is 0, and
signal level is low, check for potential
obstructions of line of sight conditions such as
hills, buildings, trees, etc.

Data Received (%) - Percent of received correction

to vehicle from base station.

Radio Connection - Indicates source of correction.

If there is no connection, this will toggle between
base and repeater.




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