John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

Page 119

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RTK Base Station Setup






Picture on the Left: The base station, with receiver
attached 1 foot off the top of the tower, was being
affected by multipath from the dome of the water
tower. The vehicle receiver running off this base
station experienced different symptoms:

• Two vehicles would be operating at the same time.

One vehicle would go from RTK into RTK-X and see
a line jump of up to 6 inches for a couple of minutes,
while the other vehicle would be operating without

• At a later time, the situation would reverse, and the

vehicle without incident earlier would go into RTK-X

and experience a line jump, while the other vehicle

The reason the vehicles behaved differently was
because each vehicle may have been using a different
set of satellites at a given time due to shading and
vehicle location.

Picture on the Right: Base station was elevated 5 feet
off the top of the tower. Raising the receiver greatly
reduced the multipath effects observed on this RTK

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