System overview – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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RTK Base Station Setup



System Overview

The StarFire

 RTK system consists of a local base

station placed in a field or mounted on a structure that
transmits high accuracy corrections to the vehicle

 receiver using RTK radios. The StarFire

receiver on the RTK-equipped vehicle must have a direct
line of sight with the base station in order to receive the
RTK signal.

Performance of the RTK system is related to the operating
distance from the base station. When operating beyond
20 km (12 miles), degraded accuracy will occur and it may
take longer to initially acquire the RTK signal.

A repeater, which is simply an RTK radio supplied with 12
volts of power, can be used to receive the base station
signal and establish a new line of sight point. However,
performance limitations can still be expected if trying to
use the repeater to transmit the RTK signal to a vehicle
that is farther than 20 km (12 miles) away from the base





Receiver—On Vehicle

Position receiver with integrated RTK radio module is
located on top of machine. Position receiver receives
global positioning and differential correction signal through
a single receiver and integrates signal for use with

The receiver has a dedicated operating mode (Vehicle
Mode). Refer to “Operating Mode—RTK” in “StarFire iTC”
Section for setup of the receiver on vehicle.

IMPORTANT: The antenna must be installed before

the radio module is powered ON.

Avoid water intrusion by keeping the
antenna attached whenever possible.

Removing the antenna while
transmitting may damage the radio




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