Rtk using straight, curves or circle – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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RTK Base Station Setup



RTK using Straight, Curves or Circle

RTK Base Station Network Areas Utilizing Straight,
Curves or Circle AutoTrac


• Customer changes base stations and/or fields and the

vehicle does not align to the previous track or bed.

• Customer utilizes multiple base stations for the same

field and does not see the desired AB line repeatability
among vehicles or field passes.

NOTE: When the term AB line is used, it also

encompasses Circle track and Curve track lines.


RTK is designed to provide repeatability pass after pass
and from season to season. This repeatability is a function
of the Base Station location and it’s correlation to a field
specific AB line driven by the vehicle.

AB lines and field operations must be linked to the
specific base station that they were originally created with.
Every AB line in the field is created while utilizing a
specific RTK base station. Every pass in that field for a
particular season or set of beds must utilize the same
original base station and location that was used to create
that specific AB line(s).