Mount direction, Mounting direction—tcm – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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Original GreenStar Display—StarFire iTC



Mounting Direction—TCM

NOTE: Receivers attached to tractors, sprayers, and

combines are typically in FORWARD position.

Receivers attached to GATORS are typically in
BACKWARD position.

Mounting direction is direction receiver is facing.

This setting defines mounting orientation of receiver. TCM
uses this setting to determine correct direction of vehicle

A StarFire receiver that extends forward from attaching
bracket in direction of vehicle travel is in FORWARD
mounting direction.

A StarFire receiver that extends backward from attaching
bracket away from direction of vehicle travel is in
BACKWARD mounting direction.

Desired selection will appear boxed and in capital letters.

Press letter button next to STARFIRE MOUNT
DIRECTION and select desired mounting direction,
backward or forward.