Prepare for emergencies, Practice safe maintenance – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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Prepare for Emergencies



Be prepared if a fire starts.

Keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher handy.

Keep emergency numbers for doctors, ambulance service,
hospital, and fire department near your telephone.



Practice Safe Maintenance



Understand service procedure before doing work. Keep
area clean and dry.

Never lubricate, service, or adjust machine while it is
moving. Keep hands, feet , and clothing from
power-driven parts. Disengage all power and operate
controls to relieve pressure. Lower equipment to the
ground. Stop the engine. Remove the key. Allow machine
to cool.

Securely support any machine elements that must be
raised for service work.

Keep all parts in good condition and properly installed. Fix
damage immediately. Replace worn or broken parts.
Remove any buildup of grease, oil, or debris.

On self-propelled equipment, disconnect battery ground
cable (-) before making adjustments on electrical systems
or welding on machine.

On towed implements, disconnect wiring harnesses from
tractor before servicing electrical system components or
welding on machine.