John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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GS2 Display—StarFire iTC





Activation Code

A—Enter button
B—Cancel button

Activation Code

NOTE: Activation Codes are needed to obtain SF2 Ready

and RTK Activations, and SF2 license

ENTER button is used to enter 24-digit codes for SF2
Ready and RTK Activations, SF2 license subscription and
deactivation codes for transferring all StarFire activations
and licenses mentioned above.

1. Upon selecting ENTER button an Activation Code box

appears with three input boxes.

NOTE: If more than 8 digits are entered into an input box,

“99999999” will appear. Reselect box and type
only 8 digits into input box.

2. Select first input box labeled Digits 1-8 and enter first 8

digits of 24-digit code.

3. Select second input box labeled Digits 9-16 and enter

second 8 digits of 24-digit code.

4. Select third input box labeled Digits 17-24 and enter

last 8 digits of 24 digit code.

5. Press ENTER button.
6. If 24-digit code is valid and entered correctly a

confirmation message will appear.

7.Deactivation Code input

This input will only appear when a deactivation code has
been entered following procedure listed above. It will
display 6-digit deactivation codes for SF2 License, SF2
Ready and RTK activations. These codes are needed
when transferring the above mentioned activations or
license to another receiver.

Activation/License Status Window

Displays messages when SF2 License has expired and
provides user with option to use a Grace Period.

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