Correction mode, Correction frequency, Mount direction – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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GS2 Display—StarFire iTC



Correction Mode

Contains available StarFire corrections that the
receiver is licensed for. SF1 and OFF will always
appear, however, SF2 will only appear with a valid
SF2 license (See Activations section). RTK appears
when a RTK mode is selected from RTK softkey.

NOTE: By selecting OFF, StarFire receiver will not

receive SF1 or SF2 correction signals, but will
receive WAAS/EGNOS correction signals.



Correction Frequency

This is the frequency that is used to receive differential
correction signals. The default frequency is a view only
field when default check box is checked. By
de-selecting default check box a correction frequency
can be manually entered.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT change default StarFire

Correction Frequency unless
instructed to do so by a John Deere
Dealer or by John Deere AG
Management Solutions.



Mount Direction

NOTE: Receivers attached to tractors, sprayer, and

combines are typically in FORWARD position.
Receivers attached to GATORS are typically in
BACKWARD position.

Mounting direction is direction receiver is facing.

This setting defines mounting orientation of receiver.
TCM uses this setting to determine correct direction of
vehicle roll.

Mounting direction options



Select desired mounting direction.