Specific tower setup information – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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RTK Base Station Setup



Specific Tower Setup Information

It is recommended that the receiver be, at minimum, 9.1
m (30 ft) away from the tower to prevent both Shading
and Multipathing. This distance may vary depending on
the frame design of the tower or structure that you are
mounting it around.

When using the 91 m (300 ft) extension harness, do not
cut the harness to the length needed. This harness has
built in voltage protection and is shielded. Cutting the
harness will limit the effectiveness of the harness and will
cause failures of either the radio or the receiver due to
static electricity build up on the harness. This harness was
built to be buried underground, so it is suggested to bury
all extra harness underground to protect the harness.

After deciding what structure that you will be mounting
your base station on, there are five different ways to set
up your base station.

• Utilizing Both The 91 m (300 ft) RTK Extension Harness

And Low Loss Coax Cable

• Utilizing The RTK Extension Harness

• Utilizing A Repeater

• Utilizing Just Low Loss Coax Cable

• Leaving The Radio And Receiver As A Single Unit