Height, Quickstart – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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GS2 Display—StarFire iTC




Height is measured from ground to top of StarFire
Dome. Select input box and use numeric keypad to
enter height.

IMPORTANT: Under or over compensation for

vehicle roll angles will occur if
height is incorrectly entered during

Example: On a 10 degree slope with
a StarFire height error of 30.5 cm (12
in.) will result in a position offset of
5 cm (2 in.) on ground).

Factory default setting is “126”. On
some AutoTrac-equipped vehicles,
height value will be automatically
detected and entered during power
up. Because this dimension is
critical for proper operation of TCM
and can vary due to vehicle
configuration and tire sizes, operator
should still measure actual distance

to be entered each time TCM is
installed on a different vehicle.

NOTE: Use chart for example StarFire Height values.

Chart figures are approximate heights.

John Deere Vehicle

StarFire Height cm (in.)

6000 Series Tractors

280 cm (111 in.)

7000 Series Tractors

305 cm (120 in.)

8000 Series Tractors

320 cm (126 in.)

8000T Series Tractors

320 cm (126 in.)

9000 Series Tractors

361 cm (142 in.)

9000T Series Tractors

356 cm (140 in.)

4700 Series Sprayers

389 cm (153 in.)

4900 Series Sprayers

396 cm (156 in.)


396 cm (156 in.)

NOTE: Actual height may vary depending on tire size

or inflation.




Reduces amount of time required before full accuracy
is achieved. If QuickStart is enabled (check box
checked) and receiver has SF1 or SF2 when it is
powered down a position is saved for future
QuickStart. If power is restored to receiver within time
period defined under Hours On After Shutdown,
QuickStart won’t be needed since receiver power was
never disrupted. If duration has exceeded Hours On
After Shutdown, QuickStart will be initiated. Saved

position will be used to bypass startup warm up period
that is usually required. Receiver cannot move while
this QuickStart is taking place. It may take up to 6
minutes for QuickStart to complete. User will be
notified on screen when it is done.

To enable QuickStart mode select check box so that a
check appears. To disable, select check box until
check disappears.