John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

Page 50

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GS2 Display—RTK





Survey RTK Base Location

A—RTK Base Station

D—Base Longitude

F—Survey RTK Base Location


B—Base Location

E—Base Altitude



C—Base Latitude

NOTE: Enter unique location number each time base

station is moved to new mounting location (i.e.
location 1 = West 40, location 2 = Farm Shop).
Edit Stored RTK Base: Allows operator to
setup Absolute Base Station Locations and
conduct 24-hour survey or enter in known
location coordinates. Unknown Coordinates:
Press START button located under Edit Stored
RTK Base.

After (24 hour) self survey is complete, base
station coordinates will automatically be stored
and associated with base location number (1 -

20). Verify base station coordinates, Press
START button located under Edit Stored RTK
Base while in Absolute Base operating mode
and choose base location from base location
drop-down box.

Start 24 hour Self Survey

1. Press START button located under Survey RTK

Base Location.

2. Select Storage location from drop-down box (1 - 20)
3. Press START button (Starts 24 hour survey)




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