Rtk network base station setup – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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RTK Base Station Setup



RTK Network Base Station Setup




° Off the Horizon (Mask)

Installing and operation of the Base Station

The base station is the most critical part of the RTK
operation, so setting up a base station correctly is vital
to the operation of the RTK system. If the Base Station
Receiver is setup in a questionable location, the
receiver could have two separate issues; Shading and


In order to insure proper operation of a RTK base
station, the GPS Receiver must have a clear view of

the sky in all directions above 7 degrees off the
horizon. Both the base receiver and the vehicle
receiver will use any satellites that are above 7
degrees off the horizon. If a base station receiver can’t
use a satellite above 7 degrees, then all vehicles
operating on that base station also can’t use that
blocked satellite. This is call “Shading” of the base
station. If enough of this occurs your RTK system
could be inaccurate. Many things can cause shading
such as buildings, towers, poles and grain legs.

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