John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

Page 17

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GS2 Display—StarFire iTC



NOTE: Calibrate receiver when it is attached or

reattached to machine. Receiver does not
require recalibration until removed from
machine and reattached.

Positioning Machine during Calibration

IMPORTANT: When calibrating, it is important that

TCM is at same angle when facing
either direction. If roll angle is a
positive 2 degrees when facing one
direction, vehicle needs to be a
negative 2 degrees when facing
opposite direction. To position TCM
at same angle it is important when
turning vehicle around and facing
other direction that tires are placed
in correct location. Once vehicle is
parked on a hard flat surface, note

location of tires on ground. When
turning around use following

Floating Front Axle Vehicles

(MFWD, ILS, TLS)—put rear
axle/wheels in same location when
performing 2 point calibration. See
above diagram for Floating Front
Axle Vehicles.

Fixed-Axis Wheels Or Tracks

Vehicles (Track Tractors, 47X0 and
49X0 Series Sprayers, 9000, And
9020 Series Wheel Tractors)—
Place all in same location when
facing either direction. See above
diagram for Fixed-Axis Wheels Or
Tracks Vehicles.

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