Operating parameters – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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RTK Base Station Setup



Operating Parameters

StarFire iTC or Gen II Receiver Operating Parameters
for ALL AutoTrac, SF1, SF2, and RTK

Several factors can attribute to a less than optimal
performance of the GPS receiver, whether it is operating
in SF1, SF2 or RTK mode. Any lack of performance while
operating in RTK mode will display symptoms sooner then
operating with SF1 and SF2. RTK operations require
higher precision and many applications are in preexisting
tracks, so the operator will notice unsatisfactory
performance sooner by visually comparing against the
previous tracks.

When operating with RTK, there are always 2 critical
components that come into play:

1. Base Station Setup and any possible obstructions
2. Vehicle Setup and any possible obstructions

RTK vehicle operation is directly affected by the quality of
the base station location and setup, not just vehicle GPS
receiver interferences. The base station is feeding satellite
correction information to the vehicle (rovers) at all times. If
any of the GPS signals being received at the base station
are distorted or corrupted in any way, that incorrect
information will in turn be fed directly to the vehicle (rover)
leading to a loss in accuracy and repeatability.