Starfire signal monitoring system – John Deere OMPC20964 User Manual

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GS2 Display—StarFire iTC



• (I) Output Power - Radio Output Power (mW)

• (J) Signal level strength - Strength Level of signal

detected by the radio. The signal level will range from 0
to 100 (-118 dBm to -55 dBm. Values greater than -55
dBm are reported as 100.).

• (K) Data Received - Percent of correction messages

recognized by the vehicle from the base station or



StarFire Signal Monitoring System

The GS2 alerts the operator when the current StarFire
signal is not optimal for high accuracy operations. There
are three levels of this warning system (Normal, Marginal,
and Poor). The levels are determined both by the StarFire
Receiver’s PDOP value and the number of satellites being
tracked. It is recommend that if the StarFire receiver is
being used in high accuracy operations that care be taken
when the StarFire Signal Monitoring system indicates that
the current status is Marginal or Poor, as accuracy
degradation may occur.






NOTE: Operating in RTK or RTK-X, both PDOP and

“Number of Satellites” are used to determine the
level of warning.

Operating at a signal level less than RTK (SF2,
SF1, EGNOS, ect.) only PDOP will be used to
determine the level of warning.


• Green Bar

• Normal Operating Range

• Acceptable range for high accuracy operations

• PDOP value: 0 - 3.5

• 6 or more satellites in solution




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