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Nikon D60

The Nikon D60, announced in January 2008, is a digital single-lens reflex camera, which is a replacement for the Nikon D40x in the Nikon model entry-level model lineup. The D60 unlike the D40x features the Nikon EXPEED processor, the sensor self-cleaning system, the ability to edit photos directly on the camera, the automatic rotation of the image on the screen when changing the position of the camera, and some others.

The Nikon D60 with a sensor resolution of 10.2 megapixels is a perfect find for beginning future professional photographers. The Nikon D60 has everything you need to get smart pictures in all conditions. Special dust cleaning system not only greatly increases the life of the camera, but also makes your life easier. Photographers whose cameras are not equipped with such protection, know how difficult it is to clean the device, and if the camera is contaminated, how quickly the image quality changes.

The model features a classic design, evolved over the years. Despite the small size the Nikon D60 looks very elegant. Classical selection of the menu makes your operation easy and comfortable. You can easily find the necessary function, and the most frequently used functions are located directly on the camera panel. The LCD monitor with a diagonal of 2.5 inches allows you not only to easily view images, but also enjoy a convenient illustrated menu. The maximum sensitivity of the D60 reached ISO 3200.

The Nikon D60 EXPEED processor ensures highly accurate operation of the camera and clarity of each image. The EXPEED distinguishes up to 4096 shades of each color. This means that any image can become a masterpiece. Even the blue sky shooting can open for you a lot of new interesting facets with smooth transition of shades.

The Nikon D60 is an excellent option for novice photographers, as the control layout and settings are very easy and understandable. If you have not yet understood the multiple fine-tuning of the D60, the camera offers Auto mode, which suits almost all shooting conditions.

Unfortunately, the D60 lacks such features as automatic exposure bracketing, and white balance, as well as the Live View mode. An interesting feature is the Nikon D60 animation support: if you select in the menu a few photos in JPEG format, the camera self-assembles them into a short video clip. A standard set of the digital SRL’s features include continuous shooting (3 frames per sec), the function of white balance settings, exposure compensation, macro mode, and the black-and-white photos.

The Nikon D60 is a pleasant to work with camera for novice users. It delivers a basic level of the required quality, even though the camera features some weaknesses.

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