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An American brand of consumer and commercial appliances “Frigidaire”, associated with many discoveries and solutions, significantly influenced the development of household appliances, in particular and especially refrigerators, which helped people worldwide to arrange their life with no problem and trouble and provide comfort and convenience.

The first electric home refrigerator was produced in the United States and went on sale in 1913. Actually it was not yet a refrigerator, it was a mechanical attachment mounted on the top of an "icing box". The origin of Frigidaire dates back to 1915 when in Fort Wayne, Indiana Nathaniel B. Wales and Alfred Mellowes developed a construction with a compressor in its lower part. Next year in August 1916 the first refrigerator was produced and Guardian Frigerator Company was founded. For two years to follow the company has succeeded in the production of only 40 refrigerators.

In 1918 an investment to Guardian Frigerator was made by William C. Durant, a founder of General Motors. Then W.Durant has acquired the company and gave it the name of Frigidaire. This event was a turning point in the history of Frigidaire and a start for advancement of “Frigidaire” brand name to the market. In the 1920s that name became synonymous with refrigerators of any brand, and consumers often called their refrigerators simply "frigidaire".

The company was in the ownership of General Motors from 1919 up to 1979, when it was purchased by the White Sewing Machine Company, which in seven years was acquired by Electrolux, its today’s parent company. Electrolux Group includes such well-known brands as AEG (AEG), Zanussi , Zanker, White Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Gibson, Philco, Leonard and many others.

All the history of Frigidaire proves its striving for innovative products, useful and reliable, qualitative and prestigious.

In 1929 a millionth’ refrigerator was produced, air conditioners and freezers were launched, and Frigidaire home appliances started to be sold all over the world. Despite the Great Depression of the 1930s, Frigidaire sales increased. Frigidaire developers have paid attention to environmentally unfriendly traditional refrigerators and thanks to their work in 1931 Frigidaire was the first company, which developed and produced Freon-12 coolant instead of the before used sulfur dioxide and ammonia. The same year the company launched a new, more advanced coolant, the use of which is being the standard in the production of refrigerators to this day.

In 1936 they started to make electrical appliances in steel casing. In 1937 the world’s first electric stove was created by Frigidaire, in 1938 – the world’s first window air conditioner. In 1947 the world's first automatic washing machines and electric dryers appeared in the market. In 1948 - the first refrigerator with a separate freezer.

In 1956 Frigidaire started the work on a new design of its products. It was a real revolution in the industry. It was a pleasure for consumers when modest assistants at home have become bright pieces of furniture. By 1958 all the production lines of the company have moved to a new Frigidaire design Shea Look. In 1970 the production of the first washing and drying systems was launched.

In 1986 Frigidaire became the Electrolux premium brand. By the end of the twentieth century up to 70% percent of all refrigerators manufactured in the USA were produced by Frigidaire.

Today the company offers to its consumers in 137 countries an extensive selection of various electrical engineering created with careful monitoring, designed to maximum energy efficiency and nice and easy to use.