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HP 12C Financial calculator User Manual, 211 pages
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Pages: 211
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HP 12c Financial Calculator

A financial calculator HP-12c since its launching in 1981 is in incessant production, as being one of the best-selling Hewlett-Packard products, holding the palm and not going to yield its leading position.

But what distinguishes the HP 12c from other models? The HP 12c features a unique keyboard arrangement, enabling you to easily enter the most complex financial formulas quickly, conveniently and get an accurate result. It is small in size. You can easily take it anywhere, and if necessary to put it in a pocket.

With the HP 12c the entry of data and computation is based on RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) assuming that operators (signs of addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) go after operands. For example, a conventional notation “7-6+4” written in RPN looks like: “7 6 - 4 +”, meaning that you subtract 6 from 7 and then add 4 to the result. No parenthesis, no equal sign. The number of keystrokes reduces, the speed of work increases, and fewer mistakes are made.

So, the RPN system allows us to accelerate calculations of payments on loans and interest rates, time value of money, standard deviation, percent, monetary flows, cash value of the bonds, and more. The HP 12c performs over 120 built-in functions for business, finance, mathematics, and statistics, including data calculations. Now the HP 12c financial calculator is an indispensable tool for specialists involved in financial, business, and academic activities.

The HP 12c functions swiftly and efficiently, with no need to be loaded, like calculator apps in personal computers and smartphones. It is durable and shock-resistant, able to withstand drops on concrete floors. “Being tested by time, the HP 12c has proved to be a standard for financial professionals”.

With dignity and scope HP has celebrated the 30th anniversary of the famous HP 12c. Each unique calculator of the Anniversary Edition has been given an individual production number and packed in a gifted box. All the rest was all the same.

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