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Frigidaire Affinity Washer FAHE1011MW

The Frigidaire Affinity FAHE1011MW is a top-loading washing machine with dimensions of 27 inches wide, 43 inches high, 29 inches deep, and weight of 158.95 lbs. Having a drum capacity of 3.4 cubic feet, the washer is capable of handling all your laundry demands.

In classic white the FAHE 1011MW washer looks beautiful and stylish, and as a top load washer it is rather flexible in installation and can easily be set up even in a small laundry room. A top load design is quite convenient in use, as there is no need to bend low as it is needed with a front load washers. Besides it belongs to a high efficiency (HE) top load washer family, meaning that it combines all the advantages of a front load design and a top load washer, including performance, capacity and efficiency.

The Affinity FAHE 1011MW is ENERGY STAR certified, which is a very important issue, as in this case the washer is considered as an energy efficient one, allowing you to save power and reduce water costs with no sacrifice of the washer functionality to achieve an impressive washing efficiency. The yearly energy consumption of the 1011MW is 210kWh. In addition the 1011MW is compliant with the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier1 standard, more rigorous than a federal one. As the CEE rating specifies the washer energy performance, it can be very helpful for you from the point of view of saving money in the long-term outlook.

Obviously the top consideration regarding a washing machine is its capability to clean clothes. The Affinity FAHE 1011MW surely will meet your expectations. Having 8 wash cycles, it is able to clean almost everything from down jackets, pillows and blankets up to delicate wool clothes and finest lingerie. The 1011MW washes and cares of your clothes.

The 3.4 cu. ft. high-impact polypropylene tub with lifetime warranty has no seams. It has a small load on the engine transmission and can guarantee the safety and excellent cleaning of your clothes due to unique water impact. The FitsMore tub design of the Affinity FAHE 1011MW enables to increase each load of clothes and reduce the time to do your laundry.

The Affinity 1011MW offers a number of special features such as Immersion Care Wash Action providing profound gentle cleaning through pulling water with detergent through your clothes; Sure-Spin Suspension System enabling optimal spinning of the tub with minimum stopping and walking (600rpm maximum); Vibration Control System aimed at keeping even oversized loads balanced, which provides smooth and quiet operation; Automatic Temperature Control for selecting the most appropriate temperature for each load; Fresh Water Rinse, an extra rinse cycle for final removal of detergent and allergic substance residues, and others.

The Frigidaire Affinity 1011MW washer is designed for those who do not skimp on the comfort of home and really appreciate time and money. Today Frigidaire is a division of Electrolux.
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