Sony VAIO Countertop Computer User Manual

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VAIO Digital Studio QuickStart


DVD-ROM drive (not available on all models)

This optical storage technology provides increased storage capacity and a rich
multimedia computing experience. Your DVD-ROM drive plays both DVDs and

CD-RW drive (not available on all models)

This drive is the ideal solution for making backups and archiving data, with the
ability to store up to 650 MB of removable, rewritable storage on a single
rewritable CD. Save your movies to CD-R or CD-RW media and share videos
and images with family and friends.

CD-ROM drive (not available on all models)

You can play your favorite audio and video CDs using this high-quality
CD-ROM drive.

i.LINK (IEEE1394) interface

Two built-in i.LINK ports, located on the front and rear panels, provide you with
digital connection capability. The i.LINK name and logo identify a high-speed
communication interface, which allows you to easily connect compatible digital

VAIO Smart keyboard

This PS/2®

keyboard has programmable shortcut buttons for launching your

favorite programs or accessing the Internet.

i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate that a product contains an
IEEE1394 connection. The i.LINK connection may vary, depending on the software
applications, operating system and compatible i.LINK devices. All products with an
i.LINK connection may not communicate with each other.

Please refer to the documentation that came with your compatible i.LINK device for
information on operating conditions and proper connection. Before connecting
compatible i.LINK PC peripherals to your system, such as an optical or hard disk drive,
confirm their operating system compatibility and required operating conditions.

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