Sony VAIO Countertop Computer User Manual

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VAIO Digital Studio QuickStart


Microsoft Office XP Professional (On selected models)
Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft Office XP redefines the relationship between people and software by
providing a smarter, simpler way of working. New Office XP features include
context-sensitive smart tags, enhanced formatting options, and more, that enable
you to continually integrate additional services into Office and access
information anytime.

Microsoft Office XP Small Business Edition (On selected models)
Microsoft Corp.
With Microsoft Office XP you’ll find a powerful new technology that will help
you get work done more quickly by providing real-time, context-sensitive
options for important actions, from formatting to error correction. Task panes
consolidate important tasks into a single integrated view, enabling you to conduct
searches, launch and format documents, and view the contents of your Clipboard
from one location.






Microsoft Corp.
This messaging tool that takes your e-mail and newsgroup communications to
new heights. Outlook Express is easy to set up and use, and provides you with
secure, personalized, and comprehensive features that protect and enhance your
online communication experience.



Word (On selected models)

Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft Word makes it easy to create common Web, e-mail, and print
documents for use around the world. It embraces HTML as a first-class file
format and extends Word's ease-of-use to the Web and e-mail. Word also extends
that ease-of-use to international users, making it easy to create multilingual

Sony Electronics Inc.
Sony’s original MovieShaker software creates personal movies that have
transitions, background music, and text. Just import your video clips and “shake”
with a click of the mouse. Your personal movies are easy to create and fun to
share with family and friends.

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