Sony VAIO Countertop Computer User Manual

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VAIO Digital Studio QuickStart



Select the Options menu and click Properties. The Properties dialog box


In the section, “Adjust volume for,” select the Recording option. Click OK.


From the Recording Control dialog box, decrease the microphone volume
level by moving the slider bar down.


Close the Recording Control dialog box and then close the Sounds and
Audio Devices Properties window.

My mouse does not work.

Check that the mouse is plugged securely into the Mouse port.

Save and close all open applications. Turn off your computer, wait
approximately 10 seconds, and then restart your computer.

There may be dust or dirt inside the mouse mechanism. To clean the mouse,
follow these steps:


Save and close all applications, and turn off your computer.


Turn the mouse upside down.


Remove the mouse ball cover on the back of the mouse by turning
clockwise the ring that covers the mouse ball.


Turn the mouse upright, and drop the mouse ball into your hand.


Using a piece of tape, remove any dust or dirt on the mouse ball and
inside the mouse ball socket.


Return the mouse ball to the socket, and replace the mouse ball cover.
Secure the cover by turning the ring counter-clockwise.

You may need to reinstall the mouse drivers. See “To Use the Driver Recovery CD” for
more information.

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