Sony VAIO Countertop Computer User Manual

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About The Software On Your Computer


EarthLink™ Network Total Access
EarthLink Network Inc.
An Internet Service Provider that supplies access, information, and assistance to
its customers, introducing them to the Internet. Member benefits include e-mail,
newsgroups, a Personal Start Page, a free 6 MB Web site, a member magazine,
and 24-hour technical support.

Giga Pocket™ Personal Video Recorder (On selected models)
Sony Electronics Inc.
Giga Pocket Personal Video Recorder is a unique set of hardware and software
components that provide you with excellent TV viewing, recording and playback
experiences. You can watch and record your favorite TV programs from your
computer, create custom playlists, and play your Video Capsules on other
computers. Giga Pocket enables your computer, TV, VCR, and other video player
devices to work in harmony.

Media Bar™ DVD Player
Sony Electronics Inc.
Media Bar DVD Player is created especially for high-quality DVD playback.
You can enjoy the superior digital video quality and the effects features. You can
rewind or fast-forward scenes from the DVD Player monitor as you would with
any ordinary DVD player, to easily find the scene you want to view. Typical
DVD playback features are available, such as multiple angles, audio language
tracks, and subtitles. Media Bar DVD Player seamlessly integrates a premium
audio/visual experience with an easy-to-use software interface.



Internet Explorer

Microsoft Corp.
Internet Explorer delivers the World Wide Web the way you want it. It's secure,
easy to use, and you can personalize how you access the Internet. Outlook
Express and other features of Internet Explorer deliver a great Internet

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