Sony VAIO Countertop Computer User Manual

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VAIO Digital Studio QuickStart


America Online


America Online, Inc.
America Online is a popular Internet online service. Stay in touch with family
and friends with easy-to-use e-mail. Manage your personal finances, get the latest
news and sports scores, and chat with thousands of others who share your

ArcSoft PhotoPrinter™ 2000 Pro
ArcSoft Inc.
PhotoPrinter Pro is an easy-to-use, yet advanced printing program that lets you
quickly lay out multiple images in multiple sizes on a single sheet of paper.
PhotoPrinter Pro offers a wide selection of templates including landscape,
portrait, free-style, mixed sizes, custom templates and more. The application
includes enhancement tools and special effects for improving photos while
giving you the ability to add text to any image. With PhotoPrinter 2000 Pro you
can create business cards, handouts, calendars, mailing labels, and much more.

Sony Electronics Inc.
This image management software makes it fun and easy to edit, import, and
organize your digital pictures in a photo album for rich digital printing to any
standard color laser or inkjet printer. Digital Print can also be used to make
custom CD labels for your audio CDs.


Sony Electronics Inc.
Connect a digital video camera recorder to the i.LINK® port and capture your
own video clips and still images. You can edit clips from your video, add new
clips, and combine clips into new movie segments. You can also save your
images in a variety of popular file formats.

DVDit!™ for VAIO (On selected models)
Sonic Solutions
DVDit! is a new and exciting production software that is easy to use. DVDit! has
easy-to-use features, that automatically convert your multimedia source files into
the correct format for recording onto a DVD-R or CD-R, or a DVD folder on
your system hard drive. You can combine your favorite AVI, MPEG and digital
stills to create professional, high quality DVDs.

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