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VAIO Digital Studio QuickStart



Sony provides several support options for your Sony computer. When you have
questions about your computer and the preinstalled software, check these sources
for answers, in the following sequence:

VAIO QuickStart

The QuickStart contains information on how to set up
your computer quickly and easily.

VAIO Computer
User Guide

The User Guide contains information on how to get the
most from your computer, find help, and solve common
problems. (Note: The User Guide is not available in
hard copy for all models.)

Online (Electronic)

The User Guide is available electronically on your hard
drive. Two additional guides, Upgrading and
Maintaining Your VAIO Digital Studio Computer
the Troubleshooting Help are also available online.
To access online documentation:


Click Start and point to VAIO Help and Support


Click on the VAIO User Guide.

Software application
manuals and online
help files

Most manuals for preinstalled software are located on
your hard disk drive as online help files. You can access
online help files from the Help menu within the specific
application. A printed manual may be available for
some applications.

Knowledge Database

This database provides instant access to information on
commonly encountered problems. Enter a description
of your problem and the Knowledge Database searches
for the corresponding solutions online. You can access
the Sony Knowledge Database from the Sony
Computing Support Web site at

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