Sony VAIO Countertop Computer User Manual

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VAIO Digital Studio QuickStart


Information About DVD Recording(For models equipped with a DVD-
RW drive) Contains information designed to help you become familiar with
your DVD-RW drive and the DVD recording software applications included
with your computer.

Safety InformationContains safety and legal information about your
VAIO computer.

Home Networking Solutions(For models equipped with a HomePNA
modem) Contains information on using an installed HomePNA modem with
Sony VAIO computers.

SpecificationsContains information on the hardware and physical
configurations of your VAIO computer.

Microsoft® Windows® XP GuideContains information on how to use
the basic features of the Windows® operating system.

Recovery CDs

System Recovery CD(s) — Enables you to restore the software that shipped
with your computer if it becomes corrupted or is erased. System Recovery
CDs can only be used to restore the hard disk of the Sony computer you

Application Recovery CD(s) — Enables you to reinstall individual
applications if they become corrupted or are erased.

Driver Recovery CD — Enables you to restore device drivers if they
become corrupted or are erased.

Software Library

The Software Library contains the Microsoft software license agreement and the
Sony end-user license agreement.

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