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To Shut Down Your Computer


To Shut Down Your Computer

When you are ready to turn off your computer for an extended period of time, use
this procedure.

Turning off your computer


Click Start in the Windows taskbar, then select Turn Off Computer.

The Turn Off Computer dialog box appears.


Select the Turn Off option.


Wait for your computer to turn off automatically—the power indicator light
turns off.


Turn off any peripheral devices connected to your computer.

About the power switch

If your system stops responding, press and hold the Power switch for more than
six seconds to force your system to shut down. You may need to repeat this
procedure if your system does not shut down on the first attempt.

To avoid loss of data, do not use the Power switch to turn off the computer.

Respond to any prompts about saving your documents.

If you plan to turn off your computer for a short period of time, you may want to use
Stand by mode instead.

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