Environmental Water Systems CS-BB-FUGAC200A-1 User Manual

Environmental Water Systems Accessories for water

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Point of entry cartridge filtration unit contains a string wound pre-sediment filter which prevents premature

clogging and a Radial Flow Carbon post-filter. For the initial budget conscious consumer looking for the

benefits of water filtration throughout the home with yearly filter replacements**.
Improves taste, clarity and odor by removing chlorine and other volatile organic compounds. The 50 micron

pre-sediment filter serves to remove suspended matter, dirt, rust and sediment and improves performance

of the post-filter. Meets or complies with NSF Standard 42 and 61.


Powder Coated, Corrosion Resistant Bracket Mounts Easily


20” Heavy Duty Housings Contain our Full Sized, Full Bed

Depth Cartridges for Optimum Performance and Longer Life


Replacing Filters is Easy; Use the Included Spanner Wrench

to Spin Housings Off and On.



Improves Taste, Clarity and Odors


Removes Chlorine and VOC’s


Reduces Dirt, Silt, Sediment and Rust


Replaces Costly Bottled Water


Better Tasting, Quality, Filtered Water for Coffee,

Tea, Juices and Ice


Quality Water Throughout the Home



Installs Easily at any Point of Entry Location


For All Your Needs - Drinking and Cooking, Showering

and Bathing, Skin Absorption and Inhalation


Safe for People, Pets and Plants

All completely assembled units include the following standard features:

Blue 20” housing with full bed depth filtration cartridges, spanner wrench to open housings for

easy filter replacement, simple to use mounting bracket

Upgrade Options:

EWS/CWL Series for Whole Home Filtration:

Filtration media lasts up to 10 years before replacement and have superior flow rates with no observed pressure or flow

rate loss. Filtration of self-cleaning EWS or CWL media does not degrade over usage like POE cartridge units between

needed or routine filter cartridge(s) change-out

Sink Filtration or Drinking Water Upgrade Options, Based on Consumer Preference, Need or Local Water Conditions:

For the additional drinking safeguard of lead and cyst removal (DWS)

For the additional drinking safeguard of bacterial, viral, e-coli and/or microorganism safeguard (DWS-UV)

Reverse osmosis (RO3), if applicable based on consumer preference or local water issues


Fully Assembled CS-BB-FUGAC200A-1

Point of Entry, Two Stage Cartridge Filtration Unit



application for 3/4” to 1” lines

For any larger service lines - see the EWS or CWL Series of whole home water

filtration for proper flow rates to the home and longevity of filtration media instead

of routine filter cartridge replacements.