Sony SEP-30BTBLK User Manual

When you hold rolly in your hand, Quick start guide, Changing a track

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SEP-30BT QSG 3-870-835-11(1)

3-870-835-11 (1)
© 2008 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia

Quick Start Guide

Sound Entertainment Player


To charge the battery, insert the battery into Rolly, and connect Rolly to your computer using the USB cable.

When Rolly’s Play-button indicator turns from orange to yellow, charging is completed.

(When you charge the battery using a Rolly Charging Cradle (not supplied), the Play-button indicator goes out when charging is


Rolly is pre-installed with sample music and motion data,

so that you can try it out right after charging the battery.

When you hold Rolly in your hand

Hold Rolly in the vertical position.

Click the Play button to play music. Click it again to stop playback..





Changing a track

To change a track, turn the upper wheel*

about 45° while music is playing.

To change a group, turn it about 90°.

Adjusting the volume

To turn up the volume, turn the lower

wheel* to the right while music is playing.

To turn down the volume, turn it to the left.

When you hold Rolly in the vertical position with

either end at the top, the wheel at the top or bottom is

automatically assigned to each function.


Charge the battery

Power on

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