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Nikon D5000

The digital SLR Nikon D5000 camera is somewhere between the D60 and the D90. If a popular Nikon D60 is an entry-level camera, having a "warehouse" of the latest developments and improvements, then the Nikon D90 is a semiprofessional high-class camera, specifications of which are flawless for its level with the design, close to professional cameras. That is, you can conclude, that the Nikon D5000 is something average between budgetary and semiprofessional cameras.

The Nikon D5000 with a sensor resolution of 12.9 megapixels can take photos of high quality. The light sensitivity range of ISO 100-1600 lets you shoot with low noise. The cleaning system automatically "shakes" the dust that virtually reduces the possibility of the image damage. The LCD display of 2.7 inches is the best option for easy shooting.

An interesting and certainly convenient novelty in the D5000 is a rotating LCD display, which allows you to shoot at any comfortable angle. The 230,000-pixel resolution allows you to conveniently view the captured images. The mirror viewfinder of the D5000 certainly does not match the brightness and angle of view of semi cameras, but nevertheless, does not limit the possibilities of a photographer when operating in Live View. There is an option to adjust the image. As a consequence, even in low light the images will be perfect.

The camera shutter is guaranteed to 100,000 actuations. It is a high figure for amateur models. Another advantage of the D5000 is the ability to use the Quiet mode, which is very convenient when shooting wildlife, sport competitions and other events. A special place of honor is taken by the EXPEED processor, operating precisely and quietly. Images can be saved in the JPEG and RAW formats, usual for digital cameras. To select the exposure the D5000 features the following modes: Portrait, Aperture Priority, Manual, Automatic, Child, Landscape, Sports, Macro, Night Portrait, etc.

As mentioned above the Nikon D5000 takes an honored place between amateur the D60 and the almost professional D90. A huge set of various functions equates the D5000 more to the older model than the younger one. For example, the 11-point AF system allows to better capture an object. Earlier the budget cameras did not have such an amount of focusing zones. The Nikon Multi-CAM1000 autofocus is capable to accurately and confidently track the movement of an object across the field frame. A photographer is free to select Autofocus mode by himself, depending on the shooting object.

With the D5000 you can shoot in low light conditions with no problem. With the use of the exposure compensation or exposure bracketing options you can get crisp and clear shots. Active D-Lighting mode is useful to fans of high-contrast scenes, for example, pine thickets and dark rocks on the background of snowy peaks.

For today the Nikon D5000 has earned a lot of positive reviews, and there are worthy reasons for that. Firstly, its features are similar to a semiprofessional digital camera, but the price is as a budget one. Secondly, it has a decent design, and is easy-to-use. Thirdly, it is compact and light. Of course, when you buy the Nikon D5000, you will have to work hard to learn all its features. But once you know the instructions, you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of features and capabilities of the camera, as well as the quality and beauty of pictures taken.

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