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When in April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne officially registered their company named Apple Computer, Inc., they were unlikely to think about the fact that intuitively showed amazing sharpshooting and "hit the apple". Today Apple Inc. (name of January 9, 2007) specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, portable digital music players and a variety of related services, solutions and applications has managed to build hardware and software empire, combining two lines of IT-business, and create for itself a unique reputation in the field of consumer electronics.

An apple, at first glance, such simple and ordinary, could be interpreted as a symbol of perfection due to its rounded shape, but perfection of the apple in the Apple Inc. logo has a bite from the side, a certain flaw just as human nature itself with its virtues and weaknesses. In general an apple refers to rather controversial symbols in the history of culture. From one side it symbolizes fullness of life, joy, love and rebirth, from the other, it is called a forbidden fruit and a symbol of discord. It seems that this duality of the apple nature affected the history of Apple Inc. itself, which experienced both vibrant ups and dizzy downs on its way of development.

In 1976 the company has created one of the first personal computers, and in 1980 offered the largest IPO after 1956 when Ford Motors went public. Between 1977 and 1993 the company has launched various models of "Apple II" in a series of 8 (later 8/16) bit computers. They have sold over 5 million "Apple II" computers around the world. It is believed that "Apple II" has opened up broad prospects for a new manufacturing industry of personal computers.

One of the most successful Apple developments, a new 32-bit computer Macintosh, was launched in 1984. Subsequently production of this series’ computers became the company's core business.

In 1985 US President Ronald Reagan awarded Jobs and Wozniak with medals for technical progress development, and it was exactly in 1985 when Steve Jobs left the company, so as to come back in 1997, when the Apple losses for two years exceeded $ 1.86 billion, and as Steve Jobs admitted, only 90 days left before the company bankruptcy.

Among a lot of Apple key representatives Steve Jobs is considered the most prominent figure not only in the history of the company but in the history of the world IT- business as well, really a creative genius. There was nobody equal to him in ingenuity and daring. It is thanks to Jobs they have managed to give the company a new start in life at the time when analysts did not leave any chance for Apple to rescue in 1997.

Steve Jobs was one of the founders of Apple Inc., Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2011, CEO in 2000-2011. In addition, he held positions of Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors of Pixar animation studio in 1986-2006, a member of Disney Board of Directors. He died in October 5, 2011.

In 2001 the company started producing a popular audioplayer iPod, in 2003 opened iTunes Store - a popular online store for digital audio, video and gaming mediacontent, in 2007 a touchscreen smartphone iPhone was launched to the mobile phone market, in 2010 – iPad.Financial position of Apple in the global markets has been dramatically strengthened due to high demand for iPod, iPhone and iPad and the company succeeded in receiving record profits.

In August 2011 for the first time Apple became the most valuable company in the world by market capitalization. 2014 results proved Apple Inc. to be number one world's most valuable brand.

On September 9, 2014 the Apple Watch smartwatch was launched by Tim Cook who succeeded Steve Jobs as Apple CEO on August 24, 2011. It is predicted that Apple Watch will be a hit of 2015.

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