Kraus KHU123-32-KPF1622-KSD30 User Manual

Kraus Accessories for water

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3. Place the faucet on the countertop.
4. If the countertop is thin or the faucet is being mounted on the sink itself, place the countertop extender (#12)
from underneath the countertop and tighten it onto the tailpiece (#4). **OPTIONAL**
5. Place the rubber washer (#6) and then the metal washer (#7) onto the tailpiece (#4) from underneath
the countertop.
6. Place the fixing set (#8) onto tailpiece (#4) underneath the countertop and tighten it.
7. Connect pullout hose (#11) to copper tube. see details on page 2
8. Place the weight (#9) onto pullout hose (#11).
9. Screw in the hot and cold waterlines (#10) and attach them to the water supply.