Sony DPP-FP90 User Manual

Read this first

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DPP-FP70/FP90 Digital Photo Printer GB_U/CED 3-097-070-12(1)


Digital Photo Printer

Read This First

Welcome to the Sony Digital Photo Printer DPP-FP70/FP90.

Please read this side of this leafl et fi rst and follow the procedures to set up your printer: Inserting
the paper tray feeding print paper and ink ribbon makes your printer ready for printing.
After you fi nish setup, read the reverse side to print an image from a memory card.
You have now done the basic printing!
To enjoy a variety of printing or customize your printer, please read the operating instructions
also supplied.

© 2007 Sony Corporation

Printed in China



Check the contents of the package.

Open the package and check to see that the following are contained.
(Illustrations used in this leafl et are of DPP-FP70. Th

e button locations and names of

the DPP-FP90 are identical. )


Prepare an optional color print pack.

To print an image, you need a color print pack containing print paper and ink

Please use a Sony optional color print pack designed for the printer. Other types
of print packs may cause malfunctions.

e following print packs are available:


You can make 40 sheets of post card (4

 6 inch/10  15 cm) size print. (One ink ribbon, 20-sheet-


 2)

Ink ribbon for

40 prints

20 sheets

of print paper

20 sheets

of print paper


You can make 120 sheets of post card (4

 6 inch/10  15 cm) size print. (Th ree ink ribbons each

for 40 prints, 20-sheet-pack

 6)

Ink ribbon for

40 prints

20 sheets

of print paper

20 sheets

of print paper



Insert the paper tray and ink ribbon into the

Insert the paper tray containing the print paper and ink ribbon into the printer in
the following directions.


Insert the print paper into the paper tray.

Check the printing surface of the print paper

Set the print paper with the printing surface facing up. Th

e glossy surface

without imprints is the printing surface.

Printing surface

Reverse side


• Th

e reverse side imprints design may be changed. Th

e side with “Sony” logos is the reverse side.

• Do not touch the printing surface. Fingerprints on the printing surface may result in imperfect


• Do not bend the print paper, or cut the print paper from perforations before printing.


Open the paper tray cover.

Hold the parts on both sides of the paper tray cover (shown with arrows) and
open the paper tray cover.


Set the print paper into the paper tray.

You can set up to 20 sheets of print paper.

e the print paper thoroughly. Th

en insert the print paper into the arrow

direction with the protective sheet facing up. Th

en remove the protective sheet.

If there is no protective sheet, insert the print paper with its printing surface (the
side with no imprint) facing up.

Protective sheet


Do not touch the printing surface.


Stretch out the slide cover of the paper tray cover if it is opened (

), and then

close the paper tray cover (


Keep the slide cover stretched out.
When you insert the paper tray into
the printer, the slide cover opens

Slide cover

Paper holder


Do not touch the paper holder of the paper tray. Otherwise the paper will not be fed correctly.

When storing the print paper in the paper tray

Remove the paper tray from the printer and shut the slide cover.

Paper tray

AC adaptor


AC power cord

Cleaning cartridge/Cleaning sheet
(Used for cleaning inside the printer.)

• Operating Instructions
• Read Th

is First (this leafl et)

• Warranty (In some regions, the warranty is not supplied.)
• Sony End User Soft ware License Agreement
• CD-ROM (Sony DPP-FP70/FP90 Printer Driver Soft ware Ver.1.0 and Picture

Motion Browser Ver.2.0)

Learning about the printing process


e printer is a dye sublimation printer using an ink ribbon printing process.

As illustrated below, the ink ribbon is made up of three colored panels (yellow, magenta,
and cyan), and one clear lamination panel for overcoating.
When printing begins, the thermal print head heats up as it passes over the fi lm, causing
the dyes to vaporize and permeate the surface of the print paper. Aft er yellow, magenta,
and cyan have been laid onto the print paper, the fi nal cycle lays the laminate layer, which
protects the printed surface. Th

ese four-panel printing cycles are required for each print.

An ink ribbon contains 40 sets of four panels. Aft er you print 40 sheets of print paper, the
ink ribbon also runs out.

Printing process fl ow

Until printing fi nishes,






, and transparent laminate layers are

processed as follows:




Print Paper

Laminate fi lm

The direction ink fi lm moves inside
the ink ribbon


During printing, print paper moves back and forth along the thermal head of the printer, which is why the print
paper is partially ejected several times from the rear and front paper outlets. Aft er the fi nal cycle of laminate layer
fi nishes, the print paper is ejected onto the paper tray.

Please r

ead the r



erse side

to mak

e a prin


Note on number of sheets

With an ink ribbon, you can print the total of 40 sheets of the print paper, 2 packs of
20-sheet print paper.
When you feed the print paper, please make sure that the total number of sheets in the
paper tray does not exceed 20. When 2 packs of 20-sheet print paper runs out, the ink
ribbon should also run out.

Inserting the paper tray into the printer


Pull and open the paper tray
compartment door.


Insert the paper tray into the printer.


Please insert the paper tray straightly and fully into the printer until it fi ts into place. If the paper
tray is inserted at any angle, the printer may not print properly.

Setting the ink ribbon


Pull and open the ink ribbon
compartment door.


Insert the ink ribbon in the arrow
direction until it clicks into place.



Close the ink ribbon compartment door.

Removing the ink ribbon

When the ink ribbon runs out, an message appears on the LCD screen of the
printer. Open the ink ribbon compartment door, push up the eject lever, and
remove the used ink ribbon.

20 sheets

of print paper

ink ribbon for

40 print

20 sheets

of print paper



e AC power cord illustrated is for 120V

only. Th

e plug shape and specifi cations of

the AC power cord diff er depending on the
region you purchased the printer.

Feeding direction

Feeding direction

Protective sheet
(You cannot print on a
protective sheet.)

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