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SA-NS310 (GB/ES) 4-425-671-11 (1)

Listening to music played back with a BDV-

N890W on an SA-NS310


You can play the same music at the same time with a BDV-N890W and an SA-NS310, using

the PARTY STREAMING function, if they are both connected to your home network.
Content in the BDV-N890W in [Music], “FM”, and “AUDIO” functions can be used with the

This leaflet mentions how to play music on the BDV-N890W (PARTY host) and to play music

that is sent from the BDV-N890W to an SA-NS310 (PARTY guest).

For details on connection of each component with your home network, refer to the

operating instructions for that component.

PARTY host (BDV-N890W)

PARTY guest (SA-NS310)

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Set the network of the BDV-N890W Blu-ray Disc™/ DVD Home Theatre


Refer to the Operating Instructions of the BDV-N890W.

Set the network of the SA-NS310 Network Speaker.

Refer to the “Quick Setup Guide” in the package of the SA-NS310.

How to enjoy the same music with the BDV-N890W on the SA-NS310


Play music on the BDV-N890W to start the PARTY.

Select a track in [Music], a radio station in [Radio], or

[AUDIO] in

[Input], press OPTIONS, then select [Start PARTY] from the options menu to start.

Or press OPTIONS during playback, then select [Start PARTY].


Join the PARTY with the SA-NS310.

Press PARTY.

The unit joins the PARTY as a PARTY guest. The PARTY STREAMING indicator

lights in amber.

To finish the PARTY

To close the PARTY from the PARTY host (BDV-N890W)

Press OPTIONS, then select [Close PARTY] from the options menu.
To leave the PARTY by the PARTY guest (SA-NS310)

Press PARTY.

The PARTY STREAMING indicator goes off.

For details, refer to the “Playing via a Network − Playing the same music
in different rooms (PARTY STREAMING)” in the Operating Instructions
of the BDV-N890W.


BDV-N890W + SA-NS310 Quick Start Guide

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