Installation – John Deere AT-3401-J User Manual

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Cut-Off Tool Operator's Manual


Always use clean dry air. Excessive moisture and dirt will greatly reduce the life of any
air motor. We recommend the installation of an in-line filter-regulator-lubricator as
close to the tool as possible.

A 3/8" air hose is required up to a length of 8 ft. If more length is required a 1/2" air
hose should be connected to the 3/8" hose to ensure the tool has the necessary air
supply. Be sure all hoses and fittings are the correct size and tightly secured.

Designed to operate on 90 PSIG, lower pressure (below
90 PSIG) will reduce performance of the tool while higher air
pressure (over 90 PSIG) raises the performance of the tool
beyond its rated capacity and could cause serious damage to
tool and user.